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The following information provides a base of engraving parameters to be used on Gravograph laserable materials. They are indicative values that can be subject to modification, that are recommended by professional engravers and that have been tested and verified for LS100 & LS100EX 35W.

The goal of this document is to help each engraver get a first idea as to how to engrave on Gravograph laserable materials.

The parameters are present in grids and are sorted by product range. Every material can have up to 3 different types of engraving:
        - Vector, for lightweight linear tracing
        - Raster, for heavy marking
        - Cutting
Some materials may not be engraved with a certain type of engraving: if the specific type is not present in the grid of the material, then it's most likely that it is not a recommended engraving method to use on the material.
LS100 & LS100EX 35W

Gravograph Lasering Parameters Report

How to Quickly Determine the Best Lasering Parameters for Your Material

The Calibration Wizard is a software feature that helps the laser engraving machine operator quickly determine the optimal lasering parameters needed to attain the desired results in a particular material. This is a standard feature in GravoStyle Laser mode and in LaserStyle which is the laser-only version of GravoStyle.

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Gravograph provides a complete range of engravable plastics and metals that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use with rotary and laser engraving systems.
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