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Dedicace Solution

Dedicace by Gravograph, Personalization solution with distinctive style.Dedicace™ Solution

Your handwriting.
Your engraving.

Expression. With Dedicace™, put pen to paper to create a special message or drawing. The unique, patent-pending Dedicace™ solution engraves your design exactly the way you create it.

Distinctive. Engraving personalizes and enhances the sentimental value of a gift; handwritten engraving adds a touch of intimacy. Dedicace™ involves you directly in the fun, easy creative process.

2 versions: with wire (USB cable) & wireless (USB receptor)

 Request more information about the Dedicace™ Solution Request more information about the Dedicace™ Solution

Free hand, free style
  • Dedicace step-by-stepIntuitive.
    Turn a simple gift into a keepsake to treasure in just 5 quick steps.
    1. Choose the template that best suits the size and shape of your gift.
    . Create your design on the magic paper.
    . Check you are satisfied with your design.
    . Click to engrave.
    . and Enjoy

  • Clever.
    This innovative solution takes the difficulty out of engraving for great results each and every time. Dedicace™ can even be operated with a touch screen PC. No keyboard skills, programming, or complicated engraving settings required.

  • Attractive.
    Dedicace™ solution achieves outstanding inscriptions on metallic, glass, wood and leather gifts.

  • Collaboration.
    Dedicace™ is the fruit of long-term project between reputed chain stores and Gravograph. If you are interested in engraving a gift with Dedicace™, look out for Dedicace™ in local outlets. Or, if you would like more information about installing the Dedicace™ solution in your shop, contact your local Gravograph team for more information.

  • Eternal.
    Create a unique, personal message that will last a lifetime.

Dedicace™. One-of-a-kind.

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example of application with Dedicace solution
example of application with Dedicace solution
example of application with Dedicace solution
example of application with Dedicace solution example of application with Dedicace solution example of application with Dedicace solution
example of application with Dedicace solution
example of application with Dedicace solution
example of application with Dedicace solution

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Dedicace™ Solution
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Dedicace by Gravograph, engraver recommendations: M20 range and M40 range

Engraving with Dedicace™ Software
When your machine is combined with the Dedicace™ solution...
Dedicace™ Ornament
Your message, your handwriting...
Personalization solution with distinctive style

Engraver recommendations Ideal for metallic & glass gifts:

M20 An affordable engraving machine that's convenient, easy-to-operate and can replace your manual machine or the need to outsource your engraving tasks. M20 Pix - New! Photo engraver - Personalisation equipment , speciallydesigned for picture and text engraving. M20 Jewel - The M20 solution dedicated to the Jewellers
M20 M20Pix M20Jewel
M40 An economical engraving machine perfect for engraving on on plastic or metal plates, badges, labels, jewelry, pens, and gifts. M40G A unique engraving machine that combines flat, cylindrical and glass engraving all in one machine. Ideal for retail and gift shop IS200 Small capacity engraver with 8.9 x 3 in (225 x 80 mm) engraving area. For personalising small objects, badges and plaques.
M40 M40G IS200
For lasers & other engravers, contact us.

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