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M20 Jewel - The Complete Jewelry Solution

Mechanical engraving / M20Jewel

 M20 Jewel - The Complete Jewelry SolutionThe Complete Jewellery Solution.
Combined Flat and Ring engraving

All in one

Gravograph comes with a new product dedicated for jewellers. Able to engrave on rings (inside and outside), medals, chain bracelets, pens (in option) and any pieces of jewellery, this solution is adapted to the needs of the jewellery market.

• Medals • Rings (inside and outside) • Bracelets •
• Pens • Pieces of jewelry •

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  • A compact machine, the M20 is easy to store, however limited your workspace. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, even first-time engravers will get to grips with the machine in no time. Achieve high quality, error-free engraving in just a few minutes.
  • The machine is computer-driven via Gravostyle QuickClick, comprehensive, user-friendly software engineered for the needs of the jewellery market (including a wealth of different fonts and advanced text management tools.) In total synergy with the M20 Jewel, this software enables you to select the type of object to be engraved (a ring, medal or pen) and position it on the machine – quickly and easily.
  • Creativity : The customer will be able to choose from a range of over 20 fonts when composing the text in Quick Click. These are a standard feature of the software.
  • Versatile, Productive... No setting and adjusting required.
  • Ring engraving characteristics :
        inside diameter : 12 - 24 mm
        outside diameter : 12.5 - 27 mm
  • Ring engraving characteristics width :
        exterior engraving width: 1-20 mm
        interior engraving width: 1-9 mm
  • Overall machine size : 345 x 315 x 305 mm
  • Engraving area: 100 x 100 mm

Place your item on the machine, Open the software and Engrave your jewels…

It’s so easy !

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Inside ring engraving
Outside ring engraving
Inside ring engraving
Outside ring engraving
Bracelet engraving
Optional Integrated pen attachment
Bracelet engraving
Optional pen engraving

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M20 Jewel

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Engraving area:
100 x 100 mm
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M20 Jewel - The Complete Jewelry Solution Standard self centering viceNEW. equipped as standard with special chuck allowing to clamp rings for inside and outside engraving

M20 An affordable engraving machine that's convenient, easy-to-operate and can replace your manual machine or the need to outsource your engraving tasks. M20 Pix - New! Photo engraver - Personalisation equipment , speciallydesigned for picture and text engraving. M20 Jewel - The M20 solution dedicated to the Jewellers
M20 M20Pix M20Jewel


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New Solution

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New Accessory

Chip Collector
The Chip Collector avoid chip projection & leave the marking area clean.

Compact & quiet, it is very simple to connect, use & clean.

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