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Introducing the next generation in engraving software from the world's largest engraving software provider.  GravoStyle™ 7 takes users to the next level increasing your productivity and saving you time.  Whether you are operating a Rotary or Laser engraver - or - both- GravoStyle™ 7 allows you to switch engraving technologies and moves you between engraving applications without changing your software program.

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Laser SolutionGravoStyle Engraving Software

Job Saves
Increase productivity, save time and reduce operator error. GravoStyle™ 7 allows you to save job power settings, speed and other important information. Run the job again later without the need to input new parameters.

Laser Colour Manager
Operator can designate a colour and assign specific laser engraving properties to different design elements: raster...vector...line thickness...fill in or not filled in...and more.
Discover the interactive PhotoLase wizard.

Ease of use
Because GravoStyle™ 7 laser level was developed exclusively for laser engraving and the LS100, LS100Ex and LS900, all icons and functions are solely for laser engraving. No unnecessary "clicks and functions" like with other software.

Default settings
Create material definitions that can be used for any job.

GravoStyle™ 7 software lays out the shapes to be cut out to minimise material waste when doing vector cutting.

Automatic text centring
Most common alignment, especially for plaques, trophies and name plates.

Braille Function
Allows for easy and effortless engraving of Braille.

Print matrix plates in multiple jobs
Allows substitution of variable or sequential data into pre-defined fields in your job.
Discover the interactive "Variables List" wizard.

Bar code function
No need to switch software with this optional industrial bar code application.

Laser Engraving ExampleFeatures unmatched by the competition
No other laser engraver has the features to revolutionise the productivity of your laser engraving.

Innovations and features
The Auto sensor automatically adjusts the focal length for you according to the surface to be worked, even when engraving a hollow item. The unique Depth fitting function calculates and automatically adjusts the position of the laser head when cutting thick materials in several passes. Our beam expander allows you to maintain same power level and dot size across the entire engraving area. Also our red spotting beam feature allows you to see where you are going to engrave before you actually begin engraving.

Design and ergonomics
Ease front loading allows complete access and effortless loading and adjusting of materials and objects. With its extra large opening, bulky objects, matrix applications, plates, signage, and more can be easily positioned without awkward manoeuvring.

Maximum speed 79 in/s - precision movement by linear guides. A range of laser powers of 10-20-40-60-80 watts to suit all types of work. Working areas are 12" x 12", 12" x 24" and 24" x 24".

Precise and sturdy vice to engrave heavy cylindrical items. Material cut-out table eliminates cut marks on bottom of the object by keeping the object away from the laser table during vector cutting. Our new ventilation system is engineered with air exhaust paths that virtually eliminate mirror contamination. For rubber stamps, we've added a hose at the point of cutting to help remove smoke right at the source.

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LS100, LS100Ex, LS900
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Engraving area Engraving area:
460 x 305 mm (18 x 12 in)
Engraving area Engraving area:
LS100Ex - New!!!
610 x 305 mm (24 x 12 in)
Engraving area Engraving area:
610 x 610 mm (24 x 24 in)
Engraving area

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