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Similar in appearance to the Metallex™ product line, Gravolase™ Metallics uses many of the same foil cap layers. But Gravolase™ Metallics uses a core of laserable solid DR plastic, instead of ABS plastic. DR is a special formulation of a modified acrylic known best for its laserability. Available in either a flexible 0.5mm or a sturdy 1.6mm overall thickness.


29543 29542 18960 29546 29544 29545 29548 18961 18968 0,5 mm (.020")
29553 29552 19002 29556 29554 29555 29558 19003 1,6 mm (1/16")

*Note: Due to the nature of colour on the web, colours above are only representations and should not be considered 100% accurate. To be sure of colours ordered, please request a colour sample before ordering.

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  • Laser engraving and cutting

  • 0.025 mm (.001") cap layer for detailed engraving

  • 0.5 mm (.020") thickness suitable for bevelling
Badges, trophy plates, award plaques, identification plates
Finish Metallic
Composition DR Acrylic
Engraving depth 0.1mm (.004")
Full sheet 1220mm x 610mm
(48" x 24")
Half sheet

610mm x 610mm
(24" x 24")

Quarter sheet

610mm x 305mm
(24" x 12")

Silk screen
Hot stamp
Heat bending
Scratch resistant
Break resistant
UV resistant
Min temp -30°C
Max temp


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