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Know Your Metals

Know Your Metals

This special line of gold anodised aluminium returns black characters when lasered with any standard CO2 laser engraver. No oxidation or paint fill needed – and it only requires 5-10 watts of power! Now available in silver or gold, and suitable for most outdoor environments. May require a clear lacquer coat after engraving for harsh outdoor environments.

Colored Aluminium
Colored Aluminium
This aluminium has been coloured with a polyester-based paint. It is the preferred choice for economical trophy plates. The surface is sublimation-receptive for dye-sublimation transfers. Its clear masking enables you to print your dyes directly for easier clean up. Sublimation images work best with the white, silver or gold colours.

Durablack is a CO2 laser markable anodised aluminium specially developed for durable marking in harsh operating environments. The chemical reaction obtained during laser marking enables to achieve direct silver contrast without colour fill. Available in 0.5 mm thickness, it is delivered as standard with adhesive backing. Resistant to UV, abrasions, high temperatures, salt-spray and chemical exposure.

GRAVOMETALL Now available for a variety of applications. Premium Gravobrass has a thin protective lacquer coating to protect the surface from oxidizing over time, but is only suitable for indoor environments. Gravobrass Exterior is a solid raw brass typically used for office building exteriors, commonly called "Doctor Plates". If you do not want the appearance of aging or oxidising brass, it will be required to coat the final engraved (and likely paint-filled) product with an exterior-grade clear lacquer before or soon after mounting.

While the cap is metal, the core is Phenolic. Perfect for upscale interior metal signage. And because the 0.3mm aluminium caps cover a black Phenolic core, you will never need to paint fill this metal product after engraving. This product can save you time and money.

This solid sheet of aluminium has an anodised surface. The anodisation colours the actual metal to a depth of 0.1mm and is typically more durable than a paint that is applied to the surface of the metal. For this reason, anodised aluminium is often used for industrial applications requiring a durable surface finish. While anodised aluminium can be engraved with a laser engraver, an engraved contrast will only be realised with gold, black, or coloured aluminium. The silver version has a clear anodisation.

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ALUMAMARK - Superior gold aluminium finish that lases black letters, so oxidation is not required.


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