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Gravograph Company History
Creation of New Hermes by Norbert SCHIMMEL and 1st pantograph invention

New York: Marcel Vitoux discovers the engraving machine, the NEW HERMES pantograph, and its creator, Norbert Schimmel.

Birth of GRAVOGRAPH which insures the fabrication, the development and the engraving machines distribution on the world market.

Commercialization of the first computerized machine (Concept 2000, manufactured in the USA).

Commercialization of the first computerized machine manufactured by GRAVOGRAPH (VX range).

New Hermes become a subsidiary of Gravograph Industry International.

Evolution of the VX range with the ISIS / IS range (machines being able to be piloted either by a system owner - Isis, or by a PC with an engraving software).

Birth of the UNICA, autonomous machine (working without connection to a PC). New concept of revolutionary tools: the Twincut range (a range of renewable and economic tools, which adapt themselves on GRAVOGRAPH spindles, for the work of materials usually used in the engraving professions).

GravoStyle: first engraving software which works on Windows and developed with GRAVOGRAPH.

Development and launching of the IS 400 (new concept of modular and evolutionary machines).

GravoStyle '98: engraving software which enables you to engrave in 3 Dimension.

Launching of 1000 serial (IS6000 - 7000 - 8000).

Launching of the 1000 XP machines range 50th birthday of Gravograph.

Gravograph launches Laser-Solution.


- Gravograph launches IM4 & IS400G Rotary Engraving machines.
- Technifor, the world's first manufacturer of Direct Part marking machines for permanent identification of metal and plastic parts, joins GravoTech Group to bring its expertise in complete traceability systems for automatic production lines.



Gravograph launches LS700, LS800 & LS900 Laser Engraving Machines and GravoStyle 5 Software.

- Reference in engraving software GravoStyle98’ is completed with new powerful CAM functions included in multi-platform GravoStyle 5 Software able to drive all Gravograph marking technologies.
- Launch of new concept Nd:YAG laser marking range

Launching of the third generation of CO2 laser: LS 100 Mini Laser.
- Launch of application oriented engraving machines: Modula M20
- A demobus starts its European commercial tour

- Vision Numeric, specializing in graphic software development for Gravograph applications and the piloting of 3D numerical controls, joins GravoTech Group.
See press-release

- Launch of IS900, engraving machine. The future of engraving today.
- Launch of GravoStyle 6, Laser engraving Software. The unique software for laser & rotary engraving machines..

- Launch of LS1000XP, laser solution, large size cutting and engraving
- Launch of Energy 8 , New laser solution : ECONOMICAL, MULTIFUNCTIONAL, RELIABLE


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