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CO2 Laser Engraving Systems

Introducing the next generation in CO2 laser engraving systems... Gravograph three CO2 laser engraving systems have with a working range of 18" x 12", 24" x 12", and 24" x 24", as well as a maximum speed of 79 in/s - precision movement by linear guides and laser powers of 10-20-40-55-60-80 watts to suit all types of work. For small applications,our tabletop laser engraving systems produce name tags, plaques, trophy plates, and small signage. If your applications are more robust, our large laser floor units handle heavy-duty laser cutting, wood marking, high-volume rubber stamps, signage, and high-volume matrix marking applications.

The Gravograph commitment to exceptional products and services is evident in our laser engraving systems and engraving software. Exceptional features found on all our laser engraving systems that set us apart include:

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  • The laser system is fabricated from sheet metal instead of molded plastic.
  • Gantry is assembled with heavy duty bearings, wider belts and powerful micro-stepping motors.
  • Z-Axis table assembly is fitted with fourindustrial-grade, lead screws that move the table vertically. This extra power allows up to 50lbs to be indexed and retained during lasering.
  • The chassis is a welded structure, and though it is a bit heavier than some, it reduces vibration during processing. This is especially obvious when it is mounted on one of our bases.

Ergonomics and Safety

  • Easy-operating, lightweight top door is easy to open and allows front loading and complete access to the engraving area. The access to the working area is much better as compared to the traditional top-loaded configurations.
  • Air flow is very consistent in the cabinet and greatly lowers the fumes in the cabinet.
  • When the LS100Ex/LS900 are mounted on their bases, the work height is around 40", which is in the range recommended by most ergonomic guides.

Part Size

  • The LS laser engraving systems are designed around standard 1/4 sheets, 1/2 sheets, and full sheets of engraving material. In addition, the LS100, LS100Ex, and LS900 laser engravers have the longest Z-axis stroke in the industry.
  • The extra Z-axis height allows parts almost 10" tall to be processed.
  • Using stock engraving material sizes helps minimize waste.
  • Larger diameter parts can be processed by the cylindrical attachment due to our longer Z-axis stroke.

Ease of Maintenance

  • The LS laser engraving systems are designed to be maintenance friendly, allowing quick troubleshooting to keep you running 24/7.
  • The fold optics are exposed for easy cleaning.
  • The optical lens is easily removed via a quick release screw that locates itself when re-installed.
  • The exhaust is "hard plumbed" and thus it is less likely to clog and easier to clean.
  • The interior of the cabinet is very accessible for cleaning.
  • The Z-axis table leveling hardware can be simply adjusted.
  • The laser tube can be removed with little effort and tube realignment is easy due to the mounting hardware.
  • The electronics can be worked on, without the need for removing the rack.
  • The firmware control panel has simple maintenance functions built-in that are controlled by the function keys.
  • The Y-axis motor is centered on the spindle and is easily replaced. This also helps with stability in this axis.
  • The side panels are removable, so the watt meter is easily introduced into the beam path.
  • The fans are positioned on the sides of the cabinet and the filters are easy to replace, allowing the system to be located close to a wall, without the need for extra air space around the laser engraving system.

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LS100, LS100Ex, LS900
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Engraving area: LS100
18 x 12 in (460 x 305mm)
Engraving area: LS100Ex
24 x 12 in (610 x 305mm)
Engraving area: LS900
24 x 24 in (610 x 610mm)
Engraving area

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Laser systeme CO2 LS100 sLaser systeme CO2 LS100Ex Laser systeme CO2 LS900
LS100 LS100Ex LS900
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Alternate Focal Length Options

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Cylindrical Attachment - LS100Ex and LS900
Tilt Table for Cylindrical Attachment (LS100Ex & LS900)
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Expertise and Advice
Gravograph supports its customers through installation training, 800-line technicians, i-Help, our interactive web tool, and factory trained field engineers. For additional training, we've created Engraver's Academy for those who need classes or would like to develop extra skills. Learn more in our Support Section.

UID Solution
UID SolutionThe LS serie Laser systems are the ideal solutions for marking permanent Unique Identification (UID) bar codes and 2D DataMatrix codes directly on part or to a non-removable tag.
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