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Jewelry Engraving Machines from Gravograph

When you use a Gravograph jewelry engraving machine, you experience several benefits: faster engraving times, better ergonomics while engraving, and more flexibility in terms of the fonts and types of products you can engrave. Find out we can help you reduce your machine time and expand into the rapidly growing, personalized jewelry market.

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New Developments in Jewelry Engraving

jewelry engraving
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In years past, producing a name pendant meant tracing the shape onto a sheet of silver, drilling starter holes to feed the saw blade through, and cutting the name out with a hand saw. After cutting it out, you would file the edges to remove the kerf marks created by the saw blade and polish the pendant. This process would take 2 to 3 hours with customer interruptions. Utilizing a Gravograph IS400 or IS400 Volume jewelry engraving machine, you can fabricate the same pendant in just 8 minutes setup time and as little as 5 minutes run time, depending on the material being processed. After the milling process, a few minutes in the polisher is all that is required to complete the pendant fabrication.

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Precision milling applications require that the engraving system be constructed on a cast metal base for rigidity and have an industrial duty drive system, like Gravograph Engraving Systems. Engravers that are constructed using extruded channels that are bolted together using light duty drive assemblies will not be able to absorb the vibration generated in the milling process. This will result in the loss of milling and engraving accuracy within a relatively short period. Additionally, a light duty jewelry engraving machine will not dampen cutter vibration generated in the milling process, resulting in premature cutter failure and reduced quality.

Exceeding Customer Expectations in Your Jewelry Engraving

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Exceeding customer expectations dictates that your design software be very flexible and powerful, yet easy to use. Gravograph Gravostyle 6 meets these requirements with training movies, tutorials, and a built-in searchable instruction manual. Gravostyle 6 can be configured to meet any application needs from simple jewelry engraving to photograph engraving, even 3-D scanning and prototyping. All of the items pictured on this page were fabricated or engraved using the CAM module of Gravostyle 6 Graphic Level Software.

The milling and fabrication procedures outlined below can be used for industrial applications, such as fabrication of circuit boards, insulating materials, and creating metal spacers.

"What Supplies Do I Need?"

Collet Spindle
Collet insert 1/8"
4 Flute Ball Nose End Mills
Cutter Lubricant (Boelube)
T-Slot Table
Double Sided Film Tape
Gravograph New Hermes: IS400 Engraving System

The cutter of choice for jewelry fabrication is a 1/8" 4 flute ball nose end mill with a 3/64" tip that has been tin dipped. These may be sourced from local tool suppliers or at The cutter tip size will be determined by the dimension of the smallest inside radius in the profile that you are cutting out. The X, Y, & Z, cutter feed rates will be dictated by your material’s milling characteristics. When processing 1mm thick silver you can cut through in one pass with a Z plunge rate of 0.015 using a dwell of 0.2, allowing the cutter to pierce the material before moving on the X, Y-axis. The X, Y feed rate will also be 0.015, use a cutter lubricant such as Boelube to extend cutter life and achieve the cleanest cut possible. When processing thicker or harder materials, the feed rate will need to be reduced or multiple tool passes and depths can be added to achieve a clean cut.

jewelry engraving software
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A collet spindle with 1/8" collet insert is required for milling applications. The collet spindle grips the cutter near its tip, reducing tool chatter and vibration. Without the collet spindle you will break the tip off the cutter prematurely. To reduce vibration and hold the work piece firmly, a T-Slot Clamping Table is recommended for the IS400. Additionally, film tape placed under the material reduces vibration near the end of the cutout; some customers stop the engraver and cut the last 2mm’s by hand to prevent the work piece from being nicked when it is cut free.

Gravograph Machines for Jewelry Engraving:

M20 - M20Jewel - M20Pix

IS200 IS400 IS400 Volume
IS200 IS400 IS400V
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Gravograph Supplies for Jewelry Engraving:

Engraver Nose Cones and Spindles

Engraver’s Supplies

Engraving Cutters

Jigs and Holding Devices

Tapes and Adhesives

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Gravograph Machines for Jewelry Engraving:

M20 - M20Jewel - M20Pix

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