Engraving & laser cutting of ink stamps

Stamp with wooden frame
Stamp with wooden frame
Laser engraving of an ink stamp
Laser engraving of an ink stamp
Stamp for the administration of companies and local authorities
Stamp for the administration of companies and local authorities
Detail of a laser-engraved stamp print
Detail of a laser-engraved stamp print
Ink stamp in Rubbalase™
Ink stamp in Rubbalase™
Example of laser equipment for stamp engraving: laser machine + extractor
Example of laser equipment for stamp engraving: laser machine + extractor
Stamp with wooden frame
Gravograph: rubber stamps

Client needs

Companies, administrations, public institutions... Many structures require ink stamps on a recurring basis. The manufacture of stamps can be done through various processes. Laser engraving and cutting of rubber remains the most efficient way to produce a quality print, in series or individually.

Discover our laser machines for stamp engraving


Are you a professional engraver, a merchant? Gravograph offers you a complete solution for the manufacture of stamps of all kinds:


Signe plus
Signe plus
Laser machine   Driving sotfware   Rubber sheets

Laser technology ensures a clean and neat result, whatever the medium. Create your rubber, wood or metal stamps using the same machine!

Solution proposed

Choose the efficiency by choosing the complete Gravograph solution for engraving ink stamps. Stop multiplying suppliers!

Client benefits



Gravograph engraving and cutting machines are designed to support you in all your plate-text production projects.


Ergonomic and easy to use, our laser engravers are a safe alternative to creating office stamps made of liquid polymer or resin. This long and complex process requires constant attention throughout its many stages. Gravograph laser machines take care of engraving and cutting your stamps for you. Create your stamp with our professional software Gravostyle™, provided with our Laser equipment or other graphic composition software, insert the material plate into the machine, and trust us! Improve your productivity with the speed of execution of our engraving machines, and ensure premium stamp quality!

Our close partnership with major market players, such as Colop, has led us to optimize the operation of our machines to manufacture pads and to improve their performance and user comfort. We therefore guarantee you:

  • Smoke and debris extraction without fail, thanks to our improved extractors. The working environment remains healthy, and your machine remains clean.
  • An optimized engraving direction: the laser beam is scanned from bottom to top, which allows the smoke to be burned.


The Gravograph laser extractor limits the emission of fumes
Make your stamps in series with Gravograph laser stamps
Gravograph laser extractor limits the emission of fumes Make your stamps in series with Gravograph laser machines 




Rubber is a material that is widely used by professional engravers to make stamps. Flexible and resistant, it offers perfect ink adhesion and allows a perfect print to be made.

The range of Rubbalase™ Gravograph is composed of 2 references:

Rubbalase™ natural



 Rubbalase™ natural, made from natural rubber




Rubbalase™ odourless



  Rubbalase™ odourless, ideal for limiting sensory disturbances.




Our rubber sheets are designed for use with CO2 Gravograph laser engraving and cutting machines. They are available in several formats (contact us). Their technical characteristics are pre-registered in Gravostyle™, the control software developed by Gravograph.


Engraving, cutting and fixing of impressions
Vector logo engraved on a rubber sheet
Engraving, cutting and fixing of impressions Vector logo engraved on a rubber sheet




This is a crucial step: the creation of the stamp, or its formatting.


Gravograph completes its engraving and stamp cutting solution with its unique software on the market, dedicated to managing engraving and cutting jobs. Complete and resolutely user-oriented, the Gravostyle™ software has many functions dedicated to the creation and customization of stamps.


Whether you are an expert or a novice, the software adapts to your level! Gravostyle is designed for occasional users. The interactive wizard guides you step by step through the design of your stamp, based on a blank template or template. A few clicks are all it takes to create a standard stamp!

The advanced features of Gravostyle™ allow you to create fingerprints using photos, vectors, logos... and to customize them as you wish.

The Nesting function automatically places the generated buffers on the material sheet, in order to optimize cutting and save as much rubber as possible to engrave. It allows you to really organize your work!


Creating inking stamps with Gravostyle software
Creating ink stamps with the software Gravostyle™


Stamp creation is available from the Discovery level of Gravostyle™.

  • How does it work?

    Gravograph tampon machines project a laser beam that melts the rubber gum to the desired depth. The laser prints the stamp upside down so that the text is displayed right side up on the stamped document. 

  • Is Gravostyle™ a software dedicated to stamp engraving?

    Gravostyle supports you in your creations and offers many other functions, or "Assistants", to simplify your task. The shoulder function ensures that your thin and long letters, such as the "i", remain stable during inking by reinforcing them. The Bridge function facilitates the removal of the sheet of material from the machine, leaving very thin strips of material to connect the engraved stamps to the sheet of material: in this way the different stamps do not remain "stuck" to the bottom of the machine. Many tutorials are available on Youtube.

  • And after the engraving?

    Once your impression has been engraved and cut, insert it into the frame provided by our partner: Colop, or any frame. Make sure your ink cassette is full. Your self-inking stamp is ready to use!

    If you have engraved your print directly on your substrate, such as a wooden pad, clean the engraving with a Gravograph cleaning solution. Ink it, it's ready to use!

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