3D printing: how to create a unique sign


Discover in this Gravolive how to create a unique sign with 3D printing and Gravograph's expertise!


The primary objective of signage is to guide users in both public and private spaces. An essential element that is now evolving with the impetus of new technologies!

There are different types of signage: indoor, outdoor, directional, raised, 3D, Braille, etc.

Thanks to Gravotac™ and 3D printing, create personalized nameplates and signs that can be located from a distance!

3D printing, a real innovation, is at the service of signage and its aesthetic evolutions. Additive manufacturing, which consists in creating a piece layer by layer, makes it possible to obtain eye-catching design signs or other nameplates.  

Long used as a purely informative medium, signage is increasingly used in the communication strategy of cities, establishments and companies in order to make it uniquely visible.

Discover how to create an original nameplate in two main steps :

To obtain raised text effortlessly, use Gravotac™ : a plastic material specially designed for Braille or tactile signage.

The Gravotac™ in its adhesive version consists of two layers: the machine cuts the first layer, you only have to peel off the excess to let the text or patterns appear in relief.


Discover Gravotac™ Exterior for your outdoor tactile signage projects!


Required equipment

Machine and software used

First step Second step First step Second step
  • Biodegradable PLA consumable 
  • Pattern of your choice
  • Cutter 0,75
  • Gravotac™
  • Engraving and Cutting Machine IS6000
  • 3D printer head
  • Gravoprint Software
  • Mechanical machine IS6000
  • Spindle 90W
  • software Gravostyle™ 

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3D printing: how to create a unique sign

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