Gravograph quality charter

Our engraving materials: guarantee and commitment.

Quality is more than just a standard, it's a state of mind that is achieved by constant improvement process that has guided us through the past 60 years and enables us to meet any challenging requirements.
Our globally-known brands like Gravoply™, Metallex™, Gravoglas™ and Gravotac™ have become the industry's quality standard.

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    Wide choice in our product ranges

    A wide selection of products

    A wide range of materials specifically developed for engraving and cutting make up a range of more than 900 items that we have in stock. "Surface" or "subsurface", laser or rotary, all of our plastic, metal and layered materials are available in a number of colors with thicknesses from 0.004" to 0.40". Matte, brilliant, gloss, textured, metal and brushed metal finishes are available. The vast majority of our materials are compatible with digital printing.

     You are guaranteed to find the product you need.

    Thanks to our production facilities in the United States and Europe, we are able to offer custom solutions (color, finish, thickness etc.) even for small quantities. Don't hesitate to contact us!

    Operating recommendations and use conditions

    Gravotech warrants that its product comply with its technical specification within normal condition of use, without any other warranty including without being limited to any other warranty of merchantability, performance or suitability.
    Gravotech warranty covers consumables product for a one (1) month period as from invoice date. The consumable warranty only covers manufacturing defect but scratch and colorimetric variation are expressly excluded from the warranty coverage.
    Technical specifications result from data and technical report raised from suppliers or from Gravotech or external independent laboratory studies. Consequently each end user shall perform appropriate testing under real conditions of use to ensure consistency and adequacy of the product to its intended specific purpose and needs.Out of standard conditions of use as well as harsh conditions such as for example UV, hygrometry, salinity or temperature specifics shall be taken into account to avoid any product deterioration.
    End User shall be liable regarding its own testing results and therefore its final decision regarding suitability of the product according to Gravotech specifications and recommendation.

    Raw materials

    Our raw materials come from the rigorous selection of the best providers around the world who offer the best guarantees in terms of organisation (ISO*).
    Our acrylics and ABS are pure and chosen for their quality.
    Each component is subject to a rigorous selection procedure taking into account regulatory and environmental obligations (RoHS**, REACH***).

    You can also guarantee your customers that all of the necessary conditions have been met and all of the necessary obligations have been complied with. We can provide documentation upon request.

    Raw materials




    The rendering of  colors and the coherence of one production batch with another is very important to us. Resistance to UV is essential for materials that come into contact with light, particularly those for outdoor use. Innovation, research, and quality control are the foundation of our engraving material production. From raw material selection to manufacturing process, we are passionate about every step . 

    We strive to achieve a flawless color that lasts over time and is also environment-friendly.


    Sizes, thickness and flatness

    Each sheet is subject to strict squareness of 0.25 mm/metre (0.01''/yd). In general, the dimensions of our plastic materials are greater than those advertised.

    This guarantees optimum engraving area regardless of your setup.

    The thickness of the different layers that make up your material is finely calibrated: our engineers and technicians have perfectly mastered the execution process. We have developed strict standards for every material line and strive to get it perfect every time. The finishing layer on Gravoply™2, Metallex™, Gravoply™Laser and Gravoply™ Ultra is only a few microns thick.

    You can therefore obtain an extremely fine and aesthetic engraving and minimize shavings or smoke. At the same time you will stay on target with your production time.
    With Gravoply™ 1, Gravoglas™ 2-Plex™ and even Gravotac™, the different layers calibrated to 250 microns are assembled for hot compression in our workshops.
    Our products are not co-extruded as this technique does not guarantee the regularity of the thickness and flatness of the material. The lamination phase occurs in very small batches and sometimes for individual items in order to obtain the best possible flatness.

    You are certain to achieve precise engraving at a regular depth and quality milling across the entire surface of the sheet.

    Thickness and flatness


    protection, packaging, traceability

    Protection, packaging, tracking

    Our materials are protected by a semi-adhesive, original Gravograph protective film. The engraved or milled surfaces are also protected from pollution or any other climate change. 
    Each sheet is also clearly labeled with designation and its batch number. This means our quality assurance system has the tracking information it needs in the event of any defects. 

    Precise quality control and tracking ensures fantastic engraving results.


    Well-executed product tracking, turns any returns into a constant improvement process. 

    * ISO: International Standard Organisation

    ** RoHS: Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances
    *** REACH: Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical substances

    Continuous improvement

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