Energy Series - The economical CO2 laser engraving machine

The Energy Series is one of the latest inventions of the Gravotech Technology and Innovation Center.

Gravotech has merged their classic style and performance with new and innovative features to bring our customers a new entry level laser.

  • EXCELLENT VALUE: Economical and affordable machine
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Versatile and compact
  • RELIABLE: A combination of Gravotech's expertise and high quality

The Gravograph Energy Series makes high quality engraving accessible to all.

3 machine sizes available:

  • LS100 Energy - engraving area: 18" x 12"
  • LS100Ex Energy - engraving area: 24" x 12"
  • LS900 Energy - engraving area: 24" x 24"

Discover our different models below: